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Beast Mastery Hunter Leveling Spec 7.3.5

This is an up-to-date Beast Mastery Hunter Leveling Spec 7.3.5 for World of Warcraft Legion. Great for dungeons, questing, and fast leveling on your mage.

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These talents are not set in stone, as the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these beast mastery hunter 7.3.5 leveling talents have shown to work great for most players.


Beast Mastery Hunter Leveling Spec 7.3.5 {Talents}

Level 15 – Dire Stable
This talents give a nice steady DPS increase while slaying back to back enemies while leveling.

Level 30 – Stomp
Allows for continuous AoE farming while questing or even while dungeon leveling.

Level 45 – Posthaste
This ability allows you to move around the questing or dungeon map much faster.

Level 60 – Bestial Fury
Allows you to burst down tougher dungeon or questing mobs.

Level 75 – Binding Shot
Crowd control ability that you can rely on when pulling too many enemies while leveling.

Level 90 – A Murder of Crows
Perfect ability for leveling, as enemies tend to die before the effect runs out.

Level 100 – Killer Cobra
This talent allows for fantastic damage combos against some of the tougher 100+ enemies.

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